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Inside Property24’s New Cape Town Office

Check out one of our office design projects featured on Officelovin’. Quite a compliment to be featured alongside the offices of Spotify, Yelp, AirBnB, Etsy & Uber:

Inside Property24’s New Cape Town Office

Property24, a popular South African online platform that helps people find their perfect home, recently required a new head office space that reflected their fresh, energetic, dot-com brand, whilst still maintaining the highest levels of practical functionality for this high-end technology based company.

Conduit Interior successfully delivered on this brief by playfully juxtaposing traditional property-related elements against a colourful modern interior, whilst all the time ensuring that the client’s operational brief was met and that best practices were implemented. The main boardroom was designed as a modern take on a traditional front room, complete with a “Property24” traditional front door, a fireplace-shaped audio-visual unit, glazing vinyls reminiscent of Victorian balustrades and framed internet icons in lieu of family portraits. The multitude of developer team rooms were each given their own character and identity with brightly painted Bo-Kaap style terrace doors, each with its own unique hand sourced vintage ironmongery. Clusters of street furniture were also incorporated to create non-corporate break out spaces.