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Our industry is characterised by fierce competition for talent and cultivating an environment that supports creativity, collaboration and flexible working practices is both a critical component of our employee value proposition as well as a source of competitive advantage.

Conduit have delivered something truly exceptional – a vibrant, contemporary showpiece as well as a genuine source of improved workforce productivity. Their passion, creativity and dedication made all the difference for us.

Larsen Lockwood-Hall; Chief Operating Officer; Korbicom

The Client

Korbicom is a leading developer of software solutions for the South African and international markets, responsible for business efficiency products such as GhostPractice, GhostDraft, and ACL.

The Brief

As a software development company, Korbicom is home to several product teams who each require their own space. However, it was critical to Korbicom that the interior create a sense of unity across teams. Employees need to feel that they are part of a bigger team with different business targets, but the same goals.

The Design

Conduit Interior designed and delivered a creative and vibrant environment that fosters innovation and excitement.

Breakaway spaces are provided for creative workshops and thinktank sessions. Focus rooms are provided as a getaway from the open plan environment for concentrated work or private phonecalls. The multitude of common areas enable free-flowing communication across departments in natural ways as well as supporting company-wide gatherings. The meeting rooms are provided in various sizes and are technology-centric to facilitate discussion and debate with global teams.

The interior inspires team members to want to come to work and spend time in their new stimulating surroundings, as well as as inspiring the most talented of new recruits to join Korbicom and be part of their innovating and exciting company.

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