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A leading developer of software solutions for the South African and international markets.

As a software development company, Korbicom is home to several product teams who each require their own space. However, it was critical to Korbicom that the interior create a sense of unity across teams. Employees need to feel that they are part of a bigger team with different business targets, but the same goals.

The virtual reception and boardroom deliver the first impression upon entering Korbicom’s space. A custom 3D pixelated artwork with embedded whiteboard occupies the main boardroom wall and gives a hint to the creative space beyond.

Various levels of meeting rooms and spaces are provided, ranging from technology-centric bookable rooms for scheduled meetings and discussions with global teams, to breakaway spaces for focused working, creative workshops and think tank sessions.

The interior inspires team members to want to come to the office and spend time in stimulating surroundings, as well as inspiring the most talented of new recruits to join Korbicom and be part of their innovating and inspiring company.

The multitude of common areas enable free-flowing communication across departments in natural ways as well as supporting company-wide town hall gatherings.

As a company, we subscribe to the ethos of promoting productivity by involving ourselves in employee happiness. Our industry is characterised by fierce competition for talent. An environment that supports creativity, collaboration and flexible working practices is both a critical component of our employee value proposition and a competitive advantage.

Our brief was complex with some inherent contradictions between the aspirational and practical aspects that we needed to reconcile in the final design. Grant was particularly adept at navigating us through these, producing something that was both visually stunning and very practical, all the while keeping to budgetary constraints. Ultimately the finished product speaks for itself and is a far better testament than I could ever write.

Larsen Lockwood-Hall
Chief Operating Officer
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Featured by Wired Magazine as one of their
“50 Spectacular Offices Where Everyone Would Like To Work”