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Stage 1Appraisal & Definition

Detailed Brief

We will work with you to develop and formalise the brief, using our experience to ask the right questions and fill in gaps in areas that might not have been considered. We also arrange and facilitate meetings and workshops with all levels of staff as needed.

Budget and Timeline

We help develop a high-level project budget and work hand-in-hand with you to manage the budget carefully to achieve the desired balance. We establish milestones and deadlines to help ensure that you meet your move-in dates.

Stage 2Design Concept

Space Plan

Taking your requirements into account, we develop a comprehensive space plan. This involves maximising the use of space and flow if a building has already been selected, or offering test-fit plans for a variety of buildings. We also offer advice on the best option to suit your needs.

Look and Feel

To optimise efficiency and wellbeing, we guide you in selecting a high-level design direction. Whether your style is contemporary, industrial, minimal, playful, classic or any variation in between, we have access to a range of tools that will help us set off in the right design direction together.

Stage 3Detailed Design

Finishes and Fittings

With the overall direction and design selected, it’s time to look at the detail. Next, we select the finishes and fixtures that will bring the design to life.

Samples and Renderings

We will present you with samples, aided by 3D visuals to help you visualise the space and select the elements that fit your style and needs best.

Consultant Management

Depending on the project requirements, there may be a need to engage with other professionals such as structural, mechanical or electrical engineers, or IT, architectural, plumbing, acoustic or audio-visual professionals. We are able to manage this process on your behalf and ensure that all aspects are considered.

Stage 4Technical Documentation & Procurement

Technical Drawings and Specifications

During this stage, you will be presented with detailed drawings including all elements of the project such as demolitions, brickwork, glazing, partitions, doors, wall and floor finishes, electrical and data outlets, lighting, air-conditioning, signage, joinery, loose furniture and soft finishings.

Tender Process and Budget Approval

Using the set of drawings as a watertight package for pricing purposes, we obtain construction tenders and manage the entire tender process on your behalf, putting together the overall project budget. If value engineering is required to fall within the budget set up front, we will continue working to ensure the cost parameters are met.

Stage 5Construction

Contractor Management

Whether we work with a builder of your choice or manage the construction ourselves, our extensive experience ensures a seamless construction process. We manage the process by means of regular site meetings and inspections, site advice and setting out, regular programme and budget reviews, snagging, de-snagging, and on-site relationship management.

Cost Control and Handover

We will finalise and sign off the project with you before move-in, making sure all aspects of the project are perfect and exceed your expectations.