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The Client

A hospitality company looking to take the Cape Town nightlife scene up several notches.

The Brief

Provide a quintessential immersive light and sound experience in a unique, original, quirky and world-class venue. Aimed at those who want to be satisfied and surprised in a high-tech make-believe world that is provocative and exciting in a time of mediocre nightlife experiences.

When asked to describe the character of the club, the client’s response was “Lady Gaga in a Lamborghini”. Our takeout from this was reinvention and variety, unparalleled performance and extreme design. Aimed at the discerning client who wants to stand out and amplify all of their senses in a “World Beyond”.

VIP areas are strategically placed for maximum visibility so that those lucky enough to secure a VIP spot can let everyone know about it. In the Mesh VIP Area, the LED curtain appears at first to be a static array of lights but over the course of an evening slowly comes alive as it starts swimming and dancing.

In the Jungle VIP Area, guests are immersed on all sides by wraparound foliage. Hidden amongst the foliage are holograms, projecting images ranging from woodland creatures to flying space whales.

The bar lives up to the technological inventiveness of the club. We positioned TV’s behind the shelves to display organic moving artwork behind the premium liquor, or for premium brands to take over as part of their activations. The volume was doubled by means of ceiling mirrors, turning the half-circle backbar into a full Halo.

This venue was previously home to the popular nightclubs ‘Era’ and then ‘Reset’. One of the biggest criticisms we heard regarding these venues was that the bar was inaccessible and clashed with traffic from the dancefloor and bathrooms. As such we completely reworked the layout of the club to improve the flow.

Much like the upstairs bar, we demolished the downstairs bar and reconfigured it to improve circulation and flow. The backbar was reimagined to become a wall of sub-woofers.

For the bar counter, of course electronics and lighting had to feature. We sourced glass insulation disks, the type used on huge electricity pylons to separate the high-voltage cables from the steel structure. Each disc was fitted with individually programmed LED’s and interfaced with the media units on the ceilings.

We built new bathrooms, significantly improving the facilities available and providing safe sanctuaries for those looking to take a break from the insanity of the dance floor. We stripped the club of its existing cooling systems and went overboard with a new large scale roof plant pumping in tons of fresh, chilled air.

The transformation of 71 Loop Street into HALO, Cape Town’s most spectacular nightclub, would not have been possible without Grant and his team at Conduit Interior. They played a pivotal role in creating HALO’s vibrant and cutting-edge atmosphere. Grant and his team’s passion for design extends beyond aesthetics; they believe that spaces should tell a story, evoke emotions, and offer an unforgettable experience.

Their meticulous attention to detail and innovative design concepts have elevated HALO to become the city’s premier nightlife destination.

Trevor McLean-Anderson
Axis House
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