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A diversified financial services group and the largest insurance company in Africa, this particular project being their flagship offices in the heart of Sandton’s Alice Lane.

With the initial interior design of this brand new building already undertaken, and the client successfully moved in, Conduit Interior were brought on board to “add heart & soul” to the common areas and selected client facing areas of the building.

Conduit Interior undertook an in-depth study, the result of which was the approved proposal to change around the location of key areas. This involved moving the waiting area out of a semi-concealed lounge and into the main atrium reception.

The success of the project was the transformation of Sanlam’s existing reception from an echoey transient space that people rushed through, into a warm and welcoming town hall that increased the sense of Sanlam’s warmth and hospitality.

The top floor executive area was also enhanced by means of a custom timezone installation and quirky coat racks in the Main Boardroom, as well as a laser-cut aluminium screen to conceal the roof space from the lift lobby whilst still allowing light into the space and casting kinetic shadows on the floor as the sun moves around the building.