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The Client

A prominent player in the SA property industry, home to several leading real estate software development brands.

The Brief

The interior design brief was to refresh and refurbish the existing communal staff breakaway areas. These third places act as a leveller, bringing together the brilliant minds from various developer teams into one neutral territory.

A key design feature is the shards of striking colour on the walls, floors and ceilings. Although seemingly random when first encountered, they align perfectly to create Korbitec’s “K” logo when the visitor walks over a designated spot.

Conduit’s design encourages staff to share ideas and experiences by providing a palette of spaces to suit a variety of interactions. It creates a playful, relaxed mood and encourages a stream of regulars to engage in conversation.

With the breakaway area located next to the customer support centre, acoustic insulation was a top priority to ensure no sound transmission between these two facilities.

The combination of creativity, proactive attitude, and the overall concept meant that Conduit Interior was the clear choice for our project. From the moment the project began, they exhibited a wealth of knowledge, and exceptional organisational skills and professionalism.

In addition, with any such large-scale project there are unforeseen changes and obstacles, and all of these were met with understanding and a clear plan to adapt accordingly.

Catherine Passmore
Office manager
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