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Importers specialising in the retail of upmarket finishes and fittings to Design and Architectural project professionals.

Conduit Interior were appointed to tackle the challenging task of converting two adjacent empty industrial low-spec warehouses into a consolidated high-end showroom and lifestyle space. This needed to be achieved on a modest budget.

The key to the success of this project was close attention to the lighting design in order to display the products to their full potential, as well as keen consideration of the flow, traffic patterns and durability of finishes.

The display units were designed in a way that enables maximum merchandising space while still allowing the showroom to feel light and airy. These included a velcro on carpet system that allows the products to be easily removed and replaced.

Raw industrial finishes were specified for the custom shopfitting units, elaborating on the character of the industrial basebuild. These raw finishes juxtapose and enhance the character of the slick products on display.

What made the job particularly challenging, was that the space was only very industrial low spec warehousing to start with. Our requirements however, was for an upmarket outcome.

We can say that our challenging project has been completed in great style, on a fairly tight budget. Certainly well below the budgets quoted by other large design companies in the market. Much more than we expected was achieved and delivered on, and always with great professionalism, dedication and attention to details. Further, the total costs amazingly came in within budget.

Andrew Hume
LimeGreen Sourcing Solutions
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